About Us

We are a family owned business that has been providing joy to families with our puppies for over 20 years. We strive to provide an excellent customer experience, while making sure that the health and well being of our pups comes first. We buy from reputable breeders and take excellent care of our puppies. 

Our family has loved dogs for generations and always has their best interests at heart. That's why we decided to become a strong supporter of rescue.  We help fund Save All Dogs Rescue which enables them to save hundreds of dogs each year.  These dogs come from homes where they were neglected, abused, or unwanted.  Many of them are found as strays left to fend for themselves. Save All Dogs Rescue takes them in, cares for them, and finds them loving homes.  Without our support, that might not be possible.

We offer customers a choice. We are happy to provide responsibly bred purebred and designer breed puppies for those who want or need them.  However, we are just as happy to recommend a rescue dog to anyone who is willing to give them a second chance at life.